Rreth Projektit të Këshillit të Qarkut Durrës konsultoni informacionin dhe dokumentin si më poshtë:


(2014 – 2020)


Synergies for Green Growth Initiative-Energising the Impact of Innovation in the Mediterranean

Identification of the project


Total budget of the project 1,100,000.00 €

Duration of the project 36 Months (November 2016 – November 2019)

Project partners

  1. Fundació Universitària Balmes, Barcelona Spain, Lead Partner
  2. University Consortium for Industrial and Managerial Economics, Veneto Italy Partner
  3. Regional Council Durres Albania, Partner
  4. Dynamic Vision P.C Athens, Greece, Partner
  5. Ecosystems Foundation, Lazio Rome, Italy, Partner

Project short description

SYNGGI aims to support the modular approved projects under the objective Green Growth of the priority Axis 1. Innovation of the Interreg MED Programme. The activities will support the sub-objective 1.1 and especially the Green Growth  sub-priority, in order to serve the targets and strategies of the Managing Authorities for the MED Area. The project has been designed as an agile tool that will unify project results, support MED stakeholders and create a fruitful and collaborative environment for all implicated bodies.

Additionally the project will fully comply with the Interreg-MED strategy according to which the Horizontal projects will act as a bridge between the Modular projects, the Governance project-“platform”- of Axis 4 and the EU policy makers. The consortium members are powerful actors; networks or clusters of private and public character and have been chosen so that they can create a vast network of key groups including SMEs, academics, research institutes and governing authorities (Quadruple helix representatives).

SYNGGI has been structured to support communication, capitalization activities and at the same time it aims beyond MED territories, across all EU countries, as deemed fit by the Programme Authorities. That way the project is a valuable adjustable partner for the Interreg Programme, ready to answer to its needs and offer innovative solutions that will produce unified results and solid proposals for environmental policies.