Këshilli i Qarkut Durrës merr pjesë në takimin e dytë dhe të tretë të projektit për mbrojtjen civile – ADRION TransCPEarlyWarning

Durres Albania

After the Second Project Meeting of TRANSCPEARLYWARNING and Steering Committee Meeting held online on 30th – 31st of March 2021, the Regional Council of Durres participated in the Project Technical Meeting on 18th of May 2021, together with 10 other partners from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. The TRANSCPEARLYWARNING project addresses the challenges of enhancing level of uniformity, homogeneity and similarity of existing CP Early Warning, efficiently integrating them to predict risks, present alert levels and improve exchange of information with CP EU Mechanism.

Furthermore, these meetings concentrated on the progress and status of Work Package T1 deliverables, more precisely T1.1, T1.2 and T1.3. The Regional Council of Durres, together with the other partners discussed on the individual contributions made to these deliverables and future actions needed to be taken to complete the tasks. Additionally, discussions were made on the start of Work Package T2: Civil Protection and Early Warning Platform linked to the EU Civil Protection Mechanisms. Emphasis was put on the kick start of T2.1 CPEW Platform Specifications and T2.2 Peer review in IPA countries.

To conclude, the meeting also dealt with matters of Work Packages Management and Communication, where the work package leaders and other partners discussed on achievements and further actions to be taken in order to successfully complete the deliverables and activities foreseen in the project.

The next big event of the TRANSCPEARLYWARNING Project was 3rd Project meeting held online on the 4th of June, with the participation of the Join Secretariat Representative in order to monitor closely the development of the project. During this meetings emphasis was put on the finalization of Work Package T1 and further discussion between partners were made on T2.1.1 Civil Protection Warning Platform collection of user requirements – Template for user requirement collection with reference to local needs. The ISI partner leads this deliverable, with the valuable contribution of the Regional Council of Durres and the other project partners. The 3rd project meeting concluded successfully with further tasks and actions to be taken until the next meeting.

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